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New to GRTR!

New to GRTR!

An hour of new music and latest playlist additions...

Sunday 21:00 Tuesday 16:00 repeat, Thursday 21:00 repeat

A round-up of latest playlist additions, new and forthcoming single and album releases with an emphasis on independent artists and labels.

Also a preview of future ‘Power Plays‘ – more frequent play across the station for selected tracks.

New to GRTR! Archive Index (including 2023)

Latest playlists


ATOMIC VULTURE Alpha Wave (indie)
VOODOO RAMBLE Midnight Ride (indie)
BASTION ROSE Fever (Epictronic Records)
COLD LAKE Brothers (indie)
HERBST Argumente (Drakkar Entertainment)
CHARLOTTE Entre Dos Tieras (indie)
FAITH The Chase (Epictronic Records)
DARKNESS IS MY CANVAS Bleed (Massacre Records)
GALAXY SHORES Shop Nostalgia (indie)
ZAYD Without You (indie)
HEDRA Head Held High (indie)
LETTERS FROM SUBURBIA Medical Boomerang (indie)
MIKE TRAMP Lights & Thunder (Frontiers)
MOJO ACES Old Crow (indie)


KISSIN’ DYNAMITE The Devil Is A Woman (Napalm Records)
NESTOR Teenage Rebel (Napalm Records)
ESCAPE THE PARADIGM Cold (Curtain Call Records)
BLACK NOTE GRAFFITI Place You Lie (indie)
THE FEVER KINGS Illusion (indie)
FURY WEEKEND Galaxy Of Love (FiXT)
AIN’T IT PECULIAR Spirit Of The Afterglow (indie)
BIRDS VIEW Vienna (Drakkar Entertainment)
DALI VAN GOGH Wicked Way (Wormholedeath)
OCTAVIA WAKES Gossip (indie)
DEFENCES Gold In The Dark (indie)
MOJO THUNDER Holy Ghost (indie)
ORTARIO Open Eyes (indie)
ELEINE Suffering (Reigning Phoenix Music)


JOSH TAERK Sunday Session


BLACKLIST UNION Horns And Halos (indie)
THE PLAGUE Living In The Past (FiXT)
FROM FALL TO SPRING Control (Arising Empire)
VISIONS OF ATLANTIS Monsters (Napalm Records)
ALIAS Truth Or Trust (Simone Records)
ELOUR Beautiful Girl (indie)
HURRICANE HIGHWAY Love Story (indie)
KICK THE GIANT Stop Signs (Inverse Records)
THE MOURNING He Cries (indie)
ANA POPOVIC Queen Of The Pack (indie)
BeCOLLECTIVE Butterfly Garden (indie)
SUNBURST From The Cradle To The Grave (Inner Wound Recordings)
VICTORY Count On Me (AFM Records)
NIGHTHAWK Generation Now (Pride & Joy Music)


LION’S SHARE We Will Rock (indie)
BLACK LAKES Hurricane (indie)
BATTLESNAKE The Key Of Solomon (indie)
ANVIL Truth Is Dying (AFM Records)
RIOT V Mean Streets (Atomic Fire Records)
RENDEZVOUS POINT Utopia (Long Branch Records)
AIN’T IT PECULIAR Never Enough (indie)
THE HOME TEAM Overtime (Thriller Records)
THE ETERNAL Skinwalker (Reigning Phoenix Music)
SISTER Less Is Less (indie)
BLACK VEIL BRIDES Bleeders (indie)
KELLI BAKER Gone Georgia (indie)
THE PETAL FALLS A Little Piece Of Heaven (indie)


THROWER Don’t Fear The Reaper (indie)
KITTIE We Are Shadows (Sumerian Records)
LIZZY FARRALL MadHotel (indie)
CREEPER Shadows Of The Night (Spinefarm)
DEFENCES The Curse (Long Branch Records)
LATE NIGHT TROUBLE Pretty Little Thing (indie)
IANN BRENNAN Game Over (AGR Records)
NESTOR Caroline (Napalm Records)
ONLAP Ghosts (AFM Records)
THE FEVER KINGS Nowhere To Hide (indie)
THE OMNIFIC Matrices (Wild Thing Records)
STEVE PURCELL I’m Ready (Fretbar Records)
PEACHED Movie Star (indie)
STONETRIP Beautiful You (Golden Robot Records)
VENDETTA LOVE Glue (indie)


KISSIN’ DYNAMITE My Monster (Napalm Records)
ACCEPT Frankenstein (Napalm Records)
NIGHTMARE Nexus Inferis (AFM Records)
READY THE PRINCE Still Believe (indie)
BELDON HAIGH World Got So Dumb (Ovfefe Records)
BRIGITTE PURDY Sugar Fried Candy (Dirtshack Records)
SISTER Feel It (indie)
ATTIC THEORY The Legacy (indie)
THE HOWLERS I Need Your Love (indie)
THE POINT Firing Lightning (indie)
VELVETEEN QUEEN Bad Reputation (indie)
THE HEAVY STRIDES Pick It Up (indie)
CICADASTONE Last In Line (indie)
FIGHT THE FADE Eye Of The Hurricane (FiXT)


WILLS AND THE WILLING Scuffed Knees (Smash & Grab Music Ltd)
DANA GILLESPIE Spent The Day In Bed (Fretsore Records)
MIDNIGHT REPOST Stay (Bad Apple Music)
THE MYSTERINES Sink Ya Teeth (Fiction Records)
THE MILK MEN Hungover (indie)
CATHERINE SCHOLZ The Familiar Road (indie)
LINDA THOMPSON The Solitary Traveller (StorySound Records)
FREEDOM CALL High Above (SPV/Steamhammer)
RENDEZVOUS POINT The Oslo Syndrome (Long Branch Records)
EXIST IMMORTAL Dreamscape (indie)
LANSDOWNE Bury Me (AFM Records)
MEL GAYNOR Keep On Believing (Marquee Records)
QUINN SULLIVAN Better In Love (Provogue)
AYREON Web Of Lies (Mascot)
ATLANTIS DRIVE Way Back When (Pride & Joy Music)



JOSH TAERK Sunday Session


KAROBELA Get Hard (indie)
KATH & THE KICKS Neptune (indie)
PIRATE QUEEN Santa Lucia (Despotz Records)
THE OMNIFIC Base Camp (Wild Thing Records)
DARK MILES When The Lights Go Out (indie)
ESOTERICA Firefly ()
ENMY The Ledge (FiXT)
BLACK LAKES White Cliffs (indie)
KITTIE We Are Shadows (Sumerian Records)
SONIC WOLVES Dead To The World (Argonauta Records)
SUSAN SANTOS So Long (indie)
TRASHY ANNIE Born Pretty (indie)
ISSA Armed & Dangerous (Frontiers)
BD GOTTFRIED Two Worlds (indie)


VENUES Bad Karma (Arising Empire)
BEARS IN TREES I Wanna Feel Calm (I Sure Hope It Does)
THE HOME TEAM Hell (Thriller Records)
TRILOBEAT Look back, The Black (indie)
INTERLAKER The Wishes (Hassle Records)
HUNTER OLIVERI Novocain (Spinefarm)
CADET CARTER Strangers (SBAM Records)
MAYFIRE Telephone (Bad Apple Music)
BOHMEN Sedate (indie)
PAUL DI’ANNO’s WARHORSE Warhorse (BraveWords Records)
ACCEPT The Reckoning (Napalm Records)
VENDETTA LOVE Soothe (Golden Robot Records)
KAMELOT NightSky (Napalm Records)
ANETTE OLZON Day Of Wrath (Frontiers)
MANDOKI SOULMATES The Big Quit (Inside Out Music)


SANDI GLOWE Where The Light Goes (indie)
KALANDRA The State Of The World (indie)
THE DAVE FOSTER BAND Sleep Spindles (English Electric Recordings)
MARY MIDDLEFIELD Young And Dumb (indie)
SEA GODS Tell Me (indie)
THE LOOKOUT SERVICE Cut My Teeth (indie)
UNQUIET NIGHTS Diamond And The Missing Sun (Essential Credential)
TRIFECTA Stupid Pop Song (KScope)
THE 69 EYES Fade To Grey (Reigning Phoenix Music )
TAROT Leshy’s Warning (Cruz Del Sur Music)
BLACKTOP MOJO I Can’t Tell (indie)
VISIONS OF ATLANTIS Armada (Napalm Records)
SKARLETT RIOT Lullaby (Despotz Records)
ARENA What’s Your Damage (indie)


WILDSTREET Come Down (Golden Robot Records)
ISA NIELSEN High Gain (indie)
SHADE Break Out (Golden Robot Records)
UNSHINE Hjul (Rockshots Records)
RENDEZVOUS POINT Don’t Look Up (Long Branch Records)
CATHERINE SCHOLZ My Heaven (indie)
THE LEMON TWIGS A Dream Is All I Know (Captured Tracks)
VEXED It’s Not The End (Naplam Records)
ONLAP Never Too Late (AFM Records)
BLACK SONIC PEARLS Black Butterfly (indie)
STORMBORN Echo (Rockshots Records)
ARTIFICIAL LANGUAGE Rain Follows (indie)
SOUL EXTRACT Innerspace (FiXT)
sleepmakeswaves Ritual Control (Dunk Records)
THE DANDY WARHOLS I Will Never Stop Loving You (Sunset Bvld. Records)


SHOTGUN MISTRESS Shot Down (indie)
ATTIC THEORY Violent Delight (ThunderGun Records)
BLACKTOP MOJO As The Light Fades (indie)
FLOYA Yume (Arising Empire)
SISTER Feel It (indie)
MADISON GALLOWAY Hatebirds (indie)
SCARLET Circus X (indie)
SAHAJI Tell me All Your Feelings (indie)
CLKWRK Hold On (indie)
WAXAMILLION Noseblunt (indie)
KKs PRIEST Keeper Of The Graves (Napalm Records)
DUST BOLT I Am the One (AFM Records)
GYPSY’S KISS We’ve Come To Play (indie)
HOPE DARLING Fire Fight (indie)
REMEDY Moon Has The Night (Escape Music)


BALANCE OF POWER Abyss (Metalville)
SOiL The Lesser Man (indie)
VENUES Godspeed, Goodbye (Arising Empire)
SIX STRING REVOLVER Thursday (indie)
PALOOKA Cut You Out Of Me (indie)
HUNTER OLIVERI Stranger (Spinefarm)
LOLA BALTER S.O.A.P. (indie)
KALEIDA Don’t Turn Me Out (Embassy One)
ACCEPT Humanoid (Napalm Records)
LOSTALONE All At Once (Dharma Records)
FROM FALL TO SPRING Cast Away (Arising Empire)
HIGH ON FIRE Burning Down (MNRK Heavy)
THE BLACK VULTURES Never Say (indie)


Josh Taerk Sunday Session


SOULWEAVER At The End Of The Day (indie)
NICK JOHNSTON Child Of Bliss (indie)
THE QUILL Wheel Of Illusion (Metalville)
BIG WOLF BAND Living On Borrowed Time (indie)
THE LILAC HOUR Feeling Again (Flip Flop Records)
EXPLORING BIRDSONG The Collapse (Long Branch Records)
FATE’S HOLLOW The End Of Summer (indie)
THE END MACHINE Killer Of The Night (Frontiers)
LORDS OF BLACK I Want The Darkness To Stop (AFM Records)
THE PROGRESSIVE SOUL COLLECTIVE Sonic Rebirth IV – Destroy Chemistry (Metalville)
THE PETAL FALLS Give A Little Love (indie)
MEL GAYNOR Run (indie)


ARTIFICIAL LANGUAGE Skinwalker (indie)
EL MOONO The Charm (Lockjaw Records)
KINGS OF NONE Low ‘n Slow (Argonauta Records)
BATTLESNAKE Motorsteeple (indie)
DUST MICE – Ultrawave (Epictronic Records)
BT GOTTFRIED Live Fight And Die (indie)
ONE LAST DAY It’s A Sin (indie)
MAXWELL AVENUE Everything To Me (indie)
VENUES Unspoken Words (Arising Empire)
ARION Wings Of Twilight (AFM Records)
WAXAMILLION Pawn Island (indie)
ROTTEN ROLLIN Living My Best Life (indie)
tAKiDA On The Line (Napalm Records)
SLOPE It’s Tickin’ (Century Media)


GOTHMINISTER We Come Alive (AFM Records)
FLOYA Lights Out (Arising Empire)
AMONGST LIARS Alibi (indie)
taKidA Sickening (Napalm Records)
THE GEMS Fruits Of My Labor (Napalm Records)
PHILIPPA ZAWE Shudder (indie)
KATIE HENRY Voodoo Woman (Ruf Records)
THE HOME TEAM Brag (Thriller Records)
SKYLIGHTS Time To Let Things Go (42 Records)
THE BARTELLS Piece By Piece (Flip Flop Records)
BEARS IN TREES Things That Look Like Mistakes (I Sure Hope It Does)
MATNEY All Fired Up (Roulette Records)
SCOTT STAPP Deadman’s Trigger (Napalm Records)
ROYAL TUSK Hated (MNRK Music Group)
TAINTED SAINTS Voodoo Girl (Eonian Records)
DEAD POET SOCIETY How Can I Love You? (Spinefarm)


JOSH TAERK Sunday Session


ASKING ALEXANDRIA Dark Void (Better Noise Music)
CRUSHED BY WAVES You Know (indie)
KALIEDA Stranger (Embassy One)
IHSAHN The Distance Between Us (Candlelight Records)
JEEN So What (Red Brick Songs)
CORY MARKS A Different Kind Of Year (Better Noise Music)
KATHRYN WILLIAMS & WITHERED HAND Shelf (One Little Independent Records)
JAZMIN BEAN You Know What You’ve Done (Island Records)
SILVEROLLER Other Side (indie)
SOUTH OF SALEM Jet Black Eyes (Spider Party Records)
RIVALS Nobody Loves Me (indie)
RIVER HOUNDS Down On My Knees (Bad Apple Music Group)
PATRICK JADE What You’ll Need From Me (indie)
WHERE’S SAMMY Acid Rain (Bad Apple Music Group)
PIRATE QUEEN Ghosts (Despotz Records)


CHROMA Girls Talk (Alcopop Records)
CASEY For Katie (Hassle Records)
DEAD POET SOCIETY My Condition (Spinefarm)
BLAZE BAYLEY Circle Of Stone (Blaze Bayley Recording)
KKs PRIEST Sons Of The Sentinel (Napalm Records)
EXIT EDEN Femme Fatale (Napalm Records)
ISSUES Since I Lost You (indie)
MARISA AND THE MOTHS Who Are You Waiting For (indie)
ROGUE ROYAL Now Or Never (indie)
FINAL COIL The World We Inherited (Sliptrick Records)
SEA GODS Are You Here Now (indie)
ELECTRIC BLACK Late Night Lightning (TMR Rock Records)
UNPROCESSED Die On The Cross Of The Martyr (indie)
SOCIAL DISORDER Time To Rise (Pride & Joy Music)
SHOTGUN MISTRESS Jude Judas (indie)


LEAVES EYES Forged By Fire (Napalm Records)
VENDETTA LOVE Might As Well (indie)
MARISA & THE MOTHS Fake It Till You Make It (indie)
DEAD REYNOLDS Hurricane (indie)
THIS HOUSE WE BUILT You’re The Voice (indie)
PALACE OF THE KING A Run For Your Money (Reckless Records)
SCOTT STAPP Black Butterfly (Napalm Records)
EVERGREY Call Out The Dark (Napalm Records)
SILVEROLLER Come On, Come In (Fat Earth Records/Golden Robot)
THE GEMS Undiscovered Paths (Napalm Records)
ROYAL TUSK Here On Out (MNRK Music Group)
SHAKRA Angels Landing (AFM Records)
ALTERIUM Siren’s Call (AFM Records)
THE PETAL FALLS Someday (indie)
BLACK PEARL Take Your Time (indie)

[17.12.23] The Best of 2023 Part 2

THE GEMS Like A Phoenix (Napalm Records)
JESSIE SCARLET Runaway (Kycker)
ATTIC THEORY Papier Mache (indie)
FLORENCE BLACK Don’t Hold Me Down (indie)
ROYAL TUSK Head Up (MNRK Music Group)
DEAD POET SOCIETY Running In Circles (Spinefarm)
PIQUED JACKS Color Shades (indie)
KALEIDA Hollow (indie)
LAVIRE La Femme (indie)
FELIX RABIN As She Comes (Damp Music)
SOUTH OF SALEM Left For Dead (Spider Party Records)
BLACKTOOTHED Carried Away (Arising Empire)
SHE BURNS RED – Heavy Is The Head (She Burns Red Records)
THE ANSWER Wild Heart (Golden Robot Records)
BLAMESHIFT All Or Nothing (indie)
THESE WICKED RIVERS Force Of Nature (indie)

[10.12.23] The Best of 2023 Part 1

EXPLORING BIRDSONG Ever The Optimist (Long Branch Records)
KING KRAKEN Green Terror (indie)
MOTIVE BLACK Caged (AFM Records)
SOPHIE LLOYD Fall Of Man (indie)
IVY GOLD Broken Silence (indie)
FLOYA Willows (Arising Empire)
FRAMING HANLEY Start A Fire (Thermal Entertainment)
DEAD MANS WHISKEY Masquerade (indie)
HOLDING ABSENCE A Crooked Melody (SharpTone Records)
FLORENCE BLACK Start Again (indie)
CREEPER Cry To Heaven (Spinefarm)
JOSH TAERK Hold On Virginia (AMG/Sony)

[03.12.23] Josh Taerk Merry Sunday Session


Fruits de Mer Records Special
THE BEVIS FROND This Sinking Feeling
JEREMY AND THE LEMON CLOCKS Pictures Of Matchstick Men
STAY I Can Hear The Grass Grow
THE LUCK OF EDEN HALL Psychotic Reaction
SENDELICA Wheel Of Fortune
US AND THEM Winter Winds


FACTORY Lightning From Heaven (indie)
HUNTER OLIVERI Spiraling Out (Spinefarm)
SOUL EXTRACT Supernova (FixT)
FRANK CARTER AND THE RATTLESNAKES Brambles (International Death Cult/AWAL)
SIBLINGS Evangeline (indie)
bdrmm Be Careful (indie)
SARAH WALK My Body (One Little Independent Records)
PLINI Still Life (indie)
MAYA BLANDY B.I.B. (indie)
MADISON GALLOWAY Shade In The Shadows (indie)
SKARLETT RIOT Hold Tight (Desotz Records)
STERLING PRESS Doorbell (Fear Records)
CROSSBONE SKULLY The Boom Went The Boom (Better Noise Music)
CRAZY LIXX Fire It Up (Frontiers)
CASSIDY PARIS Walking On Fire (Frontiers)


KOBURG Silent Voices (indie)
REPUBLICA New York (indie)
KALEIDA Seagull Nun (indie)
LUST FOR LIFE BAND Neighbourhood Threat (indie)
FAR FROM SAINTS The Weather Left To Go (indie)
TAYNEE LORD You Think You’re All That (indie)
LEISURE FM Statuesque (Futureproof)
BEN HEMMING Howling At The Moon (indie)
DUST BOWL Burning Pieces (indie)
BIRDS VIEW Do I Have To Call (indie)
SOMEBODY’S HERO – Walk Away (indie)
GONG My Guitar is A Spaceship (KScope)
PRYMA Survival (indie)
THUNDERMOTHER I Left My License In The Future (AFM Records)


ONE LAST DAY No Chemical (indie)
GYPSY PISTOLEROS Like Tears In The Rain (Criminal Records)
THE FIXER Your Lie (Wormholedeath Records)
ACCIDENTAL PRESIDENT Superhero (Wormholedeath Records)
FLOYA Stay (Arising Empire)
UNPROCESSED Glass (indie)
PLINI Ember (indie)
INTERLAKER The Hunger (Hassle Records)
LOSTALONE I’m A Fire That You Can’t Put Out (Dharma Records)
BLUE STRAGGLERS Fool’s Errand (Hassle Records)
VON LOOP Yo Yo (indie)
THE BARTELLS Suzi (Flip Flop Records)
EXIT EDEN Run! (indie)
AMONGST LIARS Ready For This (indie)


JOSH TAERK Sunday Session


A selection of sessions for GRTR! including ALBANY DOWN, LISBEE STAINTON and MAGENTA


BLACKTOOTHED Carried Away (Arising Empire)
AIKO Opposites Don’t Attract (indie)
KINDRED SPIRIT BAND The Machine (indie)
EMILY WOLFE The Silencer (Crows Feet Records)
SCOTT STAPP What I Deserve (Napalm Records)
SPYRES The Thing (indie)
PLAIINS Scared To Lose You (indie)
TRUE NORTH I Dragged Us In (Rough Trade/Believe)
ZAYDE WOLF Maniac (indie)
TAKIDA Your Blood Awaits You (Napalm Records)
BIG RIVER Wings (indie)
BONAFIDE Rumble (Black Lodge)
HEDRA Stolen (indie)
THE SURVIVAL CODE Digging Your Own Grave (Good Deeds Ltd)


LOST ZONE Fighting Demons (indie)
HIGH REGARD Surrounding (indie)
DORIAN ELECTRA Idolize (indie)
CALL ME AMOUR Girl On The Wall (indie)
ACE IT MOE Tell Me (indie)
ACCIDENTAL PRESIDENT What U Wanna (Napalm Records)
STICKMAN Sheena (indie)
RED BARON BAND Burning Now (indie)
RIOGHAN Toxic (Inverse Records)
SEVENTH CRYSTAL Memory Lane (Frontiers)
THE PETAL FALLS The Rhythm Train (indie)
UNPROCESSED Backbone (indie)
THE GEMS Send Me To The Wolves (Napalm Records)
DEATH X DESTINY Defiance (indie)
VANITAS Secrets (indie)
MYRATH Heroes (earMUSIC)

KROOKED TONGUE Backstreet Therapy (indie)
VAULTED SKIES Hollowhead (indie)
LONEHEAD Heavy Weather (indie)
FEENSTRA & SIMPSON No Coming Back (indie)
ARTUR MENEZES Change (Black Hill Records)
COYLE GIRELLI Between Us (Honey Lemon Records)
LONGROAD Breathe (indie)
JOEL GARDNER God & Star Signs (indie)
LITTLE THIEF On The Line (indie)
JOHN RHINO EDWARDS Can’t Count Me Out (Molano Music)
NIGHTBLADE That’s The Way You Want It (indie)
JESSIE SCARLET Side To Side (indie)
LAVIRE La Femme (indie)
FELIX RABIN As She Comes (Damp Music)


KALIEDA Hollow (Embassy One)
AIKO Pedestal (indie)
CATCH YOUR BREATH Mirror (Thriller Records)
CREEPER Black Heaven (Spinefarm)
CORE Daydream Junkie (indie)
GYPSY’S KISS Better Than Me (Vole Records)
MISTER E & THE MYSTERIES Play That Song (indie)
DOWNTOWN PATRIOTS We Don’t Need You (Maisola Records)
RILEY’S LA GUNS The Dark Horse (Golden Robot Records)
THE SUNSET RADIO The Hardest Time (indie)
COPPER LUNGS Free World (indie)
SILENCE IN THE SNOW You Fade (Prophecy Productions)
ROK ALI & THE ADDICTION Ponder This (indie)
ROSE TIGER Meet Me At The Cemetery (indie)
ELECTRIC ENEMY The Fear (indie)
RAVEN TIDE Reach For Me (indie)
HIGHTOWN PARADE Wild Wild Wish (indie)


PRYMA My Cold Shadow (indie)
ONE MAN BOYCOTT Empathy is Overrated (indie)
SILVEROLLER Hold (Golden Robot Records)
CANNONBALL Creeping Beauty (Sodeh Records)
HEARSCAPE – Promised Me (Epictronic)
READ THE ROOM Jade (indie)
EMMA HUNTER Guilty (indie)
SUNMACHINE Spine (indie)
DEAD POET SOCIETY Running In Circles (Spinefarm)
PIQUED JACKS Color Shades (indie)
AVIANA As Above, So Below (Arising Empire)
ALESTI Flawed Design (indie)
AMONGST LIARS The Shameful (indie)
TESSERACT Legion (KScope)
THEOCRACY Mosaic (indie)


Josh Taerk - Livestream (07.09.23)




DOGMA Forbidden Zone (MNRK)
ESSENCE OF DATUM Rodent Rebellion (indie)
SCOTT STAPP Higher Power (Napalm Records)
ROYAL TUSK Head Up (MNRK Music Group)
PALACE OF THE KING Down On Your Luck ()
MARSHALL POTTS Never Gets Old (indie)
JORDAN JOYES Confluence (indie)
AIKO Lucky Streak (indie)
STEVE HILLIER Listen To The Wind Below (indie)
CLOSURE IN MOSCOW Keeper Of The Lake (Bird’s Robe Records)
ASH Crashed Out And Wasted (Fierce Panda)
NATURE TRIP Feel Good (indie)
LOSTALONE Waiting For The Magic To Show Up (Dharma Records)
ABLE MACHINES Evidence (indie)


There was no show this week.


WINTERSTORM Fate Of The Atlanteans (AFM Records)
THE OMNIFIC Phat Mackerel (indie)
IAIN MACDONALD It’s My Dream (indie)
BLUE STRAGGLERS Existential Crisis In A Nightclub (Hassle Records)
STAY FOR TOMORROW Aways You (indie)
HORSEMEAT Bring It Down (indie)
HARD TO EXPLAIN Watch Me (indie)
ACCIDENTAL PRESIDENT Bitter Sweet (Wormholedeath)
FIGHT THE FADE Stranger (FixT)
SOURCE Bitter (indie)
BLACKLIST UNION Dirty Halo (indie)
SHE BURNS RED Crosshairs (She Burns Red Records)
AVIND Eventyrblanding (indie)
LUCY GAFFNEY Daydream In Tokyo (indie)
MELODY FEDERER Falling Out (Licorice Pizza Records)


PLASTIC HEART Your Mind (indie)
GALAXY THIEF Come Alive (Right Track Records)
VAMBO Sweet Christine (Pride And Joy Music)
ELISABETH GREY Good Enough (indie)
DREAM DROP Under Pressure (indie)
L.A. PROJECT Carry On (indie)
THE PETAL FALLS Dancin’ Thru The Crowd (indie)
PHIL JAMIESON Rubberband (Golden Robot)
THUNDERSTICK Go Sleep With The Enemy (indie)
RUBIKON Lose It All (Round Hill Records)
CREEPER Teenage Sacrifice (Spinefarm)
TAKIDA The Loneliest Hour (indie)
ANTIPOD Nouveau Ere (Wormholedeath)
THE BLACK SKELETON The Rabbit Hole (Golden Robot)
DANKO JONES Electric Sounds (indie)


blacktoothed Novacaine (Arising Empire)
AWAKENING SUN Roses (Seek & Strike)
FOREIGNWOLF Martyr (indie)
EMPTY GUNS Prelude To Madness (indie)
WEEKEND RECOVERY No Saint (Criminal Records)
JESSIE SCARLET Runaway (Kycker)
HUMAN RENEGADE The Fallen Rising (indie)
SMASH INTO PIECES Watching Over You (indie)
SECOND CITIES Chewing Teeth (indie)
ROOMMATES I’m A Wreck (indie)
LITTLE THIEF Geronimo (indie)
CAVO Synchronicity II (indie)
DARKPLACE Cars (Icons Creating Evil Art)
WHITE RAVEN DOWN Stole My Light (indie)
JELUSICK The Great Divide (Escape Music)


VS/U Relapse & Repeat (indie)
CATCH YOUR BREATH 21 Gun Salute (Thriller Records)
POMEGRANATE TIGER Devils To Ourselves (indie)
HOLDING ABSENCE Scissors (SharpTone Records)
SOPHIE LLOYD Runaway (indie)
ATTIC THEORY Paper Mache (indie)
SOULWEAVER Five Mile Tide (indie)
THEIA I’m Plastic (WDFD Records)
KARNEY Rainbow In The Dark (indie)
LINDA LAMON Venus Shine On (indie)
LEE ROGERS Peace Of Mind (Zenith Cafe)
DIRTY SOUND MAGNET Melodies From Distant Shores (indie)
MYTH OF I Oni (indie)
WOLF PRAYER Luna (Barhill Records)


ODD CREW Wings On A Burning Wind (Drakkar Entertainment)
BLACKLIST UNION Dirty Halo (indie)
BENT SINISTER Price You Pay (indie)
FINISH TICKET Changing (indie)
DEEOHGEE Don’t Give Up On Love (indie)
ALT BLK ERA Misfits Solar (indie)
CRUSHED BY WAVES Nothing Left (indie)
3FORCE Unleash (FiXT)
FISH ON MARS Pluto’s Revenge (indie)
CLICHE CULT Sweet Therapy (indie)
THE SHERLOCKS Remember All The Girls (indie)
PENNINE SUITE Make Up (Kycker)
PEAK FLOW Running To You (indie)
IMAGINARY DREAMERS Right Before You (indie)
ANY GIVEN SIN Follow You (Mascot)


STARBENDERS Body Talk (Sumerian Records)
THE SURVIVAL CODE Haunted By Myself (Good Deeds Ltd)
HAIL THE SUN Maladapted (Rude Records/Equal Vision Records)
TEMIC Count Your Losses (Season Of Mist)
QUEEN COLT Blackhole (indie)
LORD OF THE LOST Reset The Preset (indie)
VOYAGER Ultraviolet (Season Of Mist)
HAUNT THE WOODS Gold (Spinefarm)
GABRIELLA HUNZINGER Body Away (Ameno Records)
ROYAL TUSK All My Life (MNRK Music Group)
BROMSEN Read About It (indie)
TAKIDA The Loneliest Hour (Napalm Records)
FILTER Obliteration (Golden Robot Records)
LOVE IS ENOUGH Stay (indie)
DESOLATION SOUND Beautiful Sun (Robo Jack Records)


CAVO Comes Back On (TLG/InGrooves)
BLIND MAN’S DAUGHTER Saencer (Heavy Metal Records)
CALL TO THE FAITHFUL Let Me Down (indie)
VAMBO Worlds Collide (Struggle For Power) (Pride & Joy Music)
DOWNTOWN PATRIOTS One Night Stand (Maisola Records)
DEAD REYNOLDS Save Me (indie)
ELECTRIC BLACK Sick Of Myself (TMR Rock Records)
THE BEVIS FROND Not Until I Feel It (Fruits de Mers Records)
SOFT HEARTED SCIENTISTS The Fixer (Fruits de Mers Records)
HANDFORD FLYOVER Shadows On The Sun (Fruits de Mers Records)
KITTY MAY It’s Impossible (Catch 21 Records)
PHIL JAMIESON Somebody Else (Golden Robot Records)
MEGA DRIVE Arc Ascension (FiXT)
THE PETAL FALLS Side By Side (indie)


KK’s PRIEST One More Shot At Glory (Napalm Records)
KATH AND THE KICKS Neptune (indie)
LAVIRE Fall From Grace (indie)
CELLDWELLER The End Of The World (FiXT)
3FORCE Prevention (FixT)
CELINA Hellfire (FixT)
WILD FIRE Unspoken (indie)
HOLDING ABSENCE Honey Moon (SharpTone)
HOLLOWS The Floor (End Of The Trail Records)
DOGMA My First Peak (MNRK Heavy)
CRUSH THE CURE Final War (indie)
MYTH OF I Jenova (indie)
A LIFE DIVIDED Send Me An Angel (indie)
LOST ALONE The Final Call For Forever (Dharma Records)


ROZARIO To The Gods We Swear (Pride & Joy Music)
WAILING BANSHEE The Oracle (indie)
FIGHT THE FIGHT Monarch (Indie Recordings)
NAGA SIREN The Last Time (indie)
FATAL VISION Dominoes (Pride & Joy Music)
MARSHALL POTTS The Change (Go Alice Records)
ELISABETH KAPLAN Music Everywhere (indie)
POLLYANNA BLUE Haunted (indie)
THE KUT Runaways (Criminal Records)
MARIO VAYNE Baby (indie)
SIXTY MILES DOWN She Burns (indie)
THE MILK MEN She Don’t Like Rock N Roll (indie)
DESOLATION SOUND Arms Around You (indie)
TRICK SHOT Wanna Love Me Too (indie)
VENDETTA LOVE On & On (indie)
PYRAMAZE Even If You’re Gone (AFM Records)


BLUE EYED GIANTS – 97 (Famined Records)
BLITZ UNION Freak Anthem (indie)
THE GEMS Like A Phoenix (Napalm Records)
SILENCE IN THE SNOW Ghost Eyes (indie)
CALL TO THE VOID Uncontrollable (indie)
THE FEVER KINGS Ain’t Gonna Say A Word ()
SUPERLYNX Into The Sun (Argonauta Records)
POLLYANNA BLUE Strong Enough (indie)
HAIL THE SUN Under The Floor (Rude Records)
GIRLSCHOOL It Is What It Is (Silver Lining Music)
STARSCREAM Shatter The Sky (indie)
THE STRAY PURSUIT Let It Be Known (indie)
ASKING ALEXANDRIA Psycho (Better Noise)
NITROVERTS Break The System (FiXT)
JOSH TAERK Hold On Virginia (Sony)


LORD OF THE LOST Curtain Falls (indie)
ALBANY DOWN Always Want What You Can’t Have (indie)
NIGHT TALKS Roll On (indie)
BOXES Fighter (indie)
AVALIGHT Ocean Of Infinity (indie)
ISADORA EDEN Haunted (indie)
CALL ME CANNON Circles (indie)
OCEAN ALLEY Lapwing (indie)
BLIND MAN’S DAUGHTER Mirage Harmer (Heavy Metal Records)
THE SPECTRE BENEATH Time Dilation (indie)
BLACKLIST UNION Letters From The Psych Ward (indie)
YESTERDAZE Don’t Bother (Indie Recordings)


BLACK 7 Break Up (Sodeh Records)
NEBULARIS Subnautica (indie)
LOST RELICS Doomed From The Womb (Iron Head Records)
SAINT AGNES Outsider (Spinefarm)
YESTERDAZE Don’t Bother (Indie Recordings)
TRICK SHOT Nothing I’d Rather Do (indie)
ISADORA EDEN Haunted (indie)
FAINT LINE Red Tide (indie)
DORIAN ELECTRA Sodom & Gommorah (indie)
GIRLS UNDER GLASS Tainted (indie)
CREEPER Cry To Heaven (Spinefarm)
THE ANIX Tethered (FiXT)
ALT BLK ERA I’m Normally Like This (indie)
ADAM MASTERTON Time Bomb (indie)
CARBON BLACK Red Tide (Wormholedeath)


JOSH TAERK Sunday Session


A chance to hear again show favourites (January-March 2023)


THE WINERY DOGS Breakthrough (earMUSIC)
happydaze Day In And Out (indie)
DOWNTOWN PATRIOTS Your Burden (indie)
THE FEVER KINGS Resist (indie)
JASON CHARLES MILLER If You Don’t Know (Golden Robot Records)
PYRAMAZE Alliance (AFM Records)
LILY & MADELEINE Come To Me (indie)
INDYA Leather ‘n Lace (indie)
ASHLEY SHERLOCK Trouble (Ruf Records)
HOURGVLSS – Calling (indie)
PHOXJAW icecreamwitch (indie)
THROW THE FIGHT Obey (Long Branch Records)
MUDSHARK Nonchalance (indie)


SAMANTHA MOON Divine Being (indie)
CHAZ JANKEL Water (indie)
RIIVER BRUKES Time Will Tell (indie)
JAIME KYLE Driving With The Brakes On (indie)
PALACE OF THE KING Friends In Low Places (indie)
MIRA DISCONNECT What Happens On The Outside (indie)
FILTER Face Down (Golden Robot Records)
LEADFINGER Gimme The Future (Golden Robot Records)
BONFIRE Who’s Foolin’ Who (AFM Records)
PARTINICO ROSE Undeclinable Ways (Riot Records)
BLUE STRAGGLERS Running It Dry (Hassle Records)
THE ANIX Missile (FiXT)
PICTURESQUE Borrowing Problems (Rude Records)
THE USED Numb (Hassle Records)
SAINT AGNES Animal (Spinefarm)
MY-HI Phaser (indie)


CELLDWELLER Baptized In Fire (FiXT)
MUDDIBROOKE Cellar (indie)
THE SUMMIT FEVER Messiah (indie)
LOST RELICS Hanganxiety (Iron Head Records)
LI’L HELLRAISERS Fallen (indie)
COLD IRONS BOUND Conversation (Golden Robot Records)
HEART LINE I Am The Night (Pride & Joy Music)
COASTAL FIRE DEPT. Cry Your Heart Out (L’islet Records)
MIKE ROSS Ugly Brain (indie)
JAMIE PORTER BAND Feel So Good (indie)
HURRICANE #1 Awake At 9 (Golden Robot Records)
SETTING SUN Same Face (Young Love Records)
BLACK ORCHID EMPIRE Scarlet Haze (Seasons Of Mist)
EVA UNDER FIRE War Pigs (indie)


AGORA Infinity (Golden Robot Records)
ABI MOORE Wake Up (indie)
7EBRA I have A Lot To Say (indie)
DEAD EYED CREEK Down By The River (indie)
BENMOZES Fake (indie)
DARKNESS IS MY CANVAS Fade Into The White Noise (Inverse Records)
CLICHE CULT Veronica (Blaggers Records)
RISING WINGS Lonely Is The Night (Pride & Joy Records)
MIDNITE CITY Someday (Pride & Joy Records)
NOGA RITTER Ofek (Galileo Music)
THROUGH FIRE The Road (Sumerian Records)
JUST A RIDE Waiting (indie)
ROADWOLF Supernatural (Napalm Records)
MOB RULES Hymn Of The Damned (Steamhammer/SPV)
VOYAGER Break A Broken Heart (indie)


JOSH TAERK Sunday Session

[09.04.23] The Best of January-March

EXPLORING BIRDSONG Ever The Optimist (Long Branch Records)
KING KRAKEN Green Terror (indie)
LAST IN LINE Burning Bridges (earMUSIC)
THE NEW DEATH CULT Get Ready (Indie Recordings)
FURY WEEKEND Delirious (FixT)
MOTIVE BLACK Caged (AFM Records)
LANSDOWNE Filthy (AFM Records)
FLOYA Willows (Arising Empire)
JASON CHARLES MILLER Chasing The Sun (Golden Robot Records)
VOYAGER Promise (indie)
BXRELL – Dare To (indie)
ALT BLK ERA Rockstar: Lunar (indie)
FRAMING HANLEY Start A Fire (Thermal Entertainment)
WINGER It All Comes Back Around (Frontiers)


RATBREED Under Fire (Wormholedeath Records)
STEVE R PEARCE & THE HOOLIGANS Out Go The Lights (indie)
LUCKY THIEF Silencer (indie)
GIRLS UNDER GLASS We Feel Alright (indie)
CODE E1 Next Up (Green Eyed Records)
ELECTRIC SONS Black Lotus (indie)
BLOCKADE Mess You Made (indie)
TALIA HOIT Abandon (indie)
FATAL VISION Breakers (indie)
WINTERSTORM Future Times (AFM Records)
AVKRVST The Pale Moon (Inside Out Music)
BECKO Low-Key Guy (FixT)
TARCHON FIST The Flame Still Burns (indie)
ANCIENT SETTLERS A New World Order (Golden Robot Records)


HALFLIVES Everything Sucks (indie)
DARK STAR Strangers & Madmen (indie)
DREW DAVIES Codename Softboi (indie)
LA GUNS Diamonds (Frontiers)
HOLY REPTILE The Land (indie)
JASON CHARLES MILLER The River (Golden Robot Records)
TERZO Eve Seven (indie)
SOLCURA I Am Weak (indie)
DEAD MAN’S WHISKEY Masquerade (indie)
GEN2 Love You To Death (Golden Robot Records)
SEA OF FLAME Loper (Iron Head/Golden Robot Records)
SHAKRA Tell Her That I’m Sorry (AFM Records)
SAVAGE HANDS Black Clouds (Nuclear Blast)
GRAND DESIGN We Were Born To Rawk N Roll (GMR Music)


LORD OF THE LOST Blood & Glitter (Napalm Records)
THE LANDED Rage For The Machine (indie)
BEAST EAGLE Heavy Bones (Golden Robot Records)
CELLDWELLER The End Of The World (FiXT)
IHSAHN Dom Andra (Candlelight Records)
FEENSTRA SIMPSON Haunted Man (indie)
MOOKIE & THE BAB – Goldrush (indie)
JW PARIS Wicked Game (indie)
ROLLA Hey You (Golden Robot)
FROM ASHES TO NEW Hate Me Too (Better Noise Music)
THE RUBY TUESDAYS Blacklight (Golden Robot)
BOURBON HOUSE Love Is A Killer (indie)
ANCHOR LANE Electric Karma (indie)
KAMELOT Eventide (Napalm Records)


SKERRYVORE Eye Of The Storm (Cooking Vinyl)
SHINING PHOENIX Rise From The Ashes (Indie)
CRANBERRY SUIT Truth Be Told (Indie)
MARSHALL POTTS Let It All Go (Let’s Go Alice Records)
JENNY DON’T & THE SPURS Fire On The Ridge (Fluff & Gravy Records)
THE NIGHTMARES Cursed (Venn Records)
BLACK 7 For This Moment (Sodeh Records)
KANAAN Orbit (Jansen Records)
GEORGE SANDERS & THE PARALLELS Tired (Bread & Butter Records/Golden Robot Records)
FOR THE FALLEN DREAMS Without You (Arising Empire)
OLIVIA JEAN Trouble (Third Man Records)
THROW THE FIGHT Cover Your Tracks (Long Branch Records)
FRAMING HANLEY Start A Fire (Thermal Entertainment)


JOSH TAERK Sunday Session


BXRRELL Dare To (indie)
TAILGUNNER Revolution Scream (Atomic Fire Records)
SOPHIE LLOYD Fall Of Man (indie)
SKAM Do It Again (Golden Robot Records)
TIGERCUB Play My Favourite Song (Loosegrove Records)
VOYAGER Promise (indie)
SAN QUENTIN You’re Lost (indie)
happydaze Faded (Thriller Records)
PITOU Greed (V2 Records)
IVY GOLD Broken Silence (Golden Ivy Records)
DELERIUM Coast To Coast (Metropolis Records)
ALT BLK ERA Lunar (indie)
THE COLONY Forever Seeking (indie)
DEAD REYNOLDS Wake Up (indie)
LEADFINGER Find The Words (Golden Robot Records)
DIRTY LACES Seeker (indie)


JASON CHARLES MILLER Chasing The Sun (Golden Robot Records)
HONG FAUX Starkiller (Golden Robot Records)
FLOYA Willows (Arising Empire)
THE LATE APRILS Evil (indie)
COLD WATER SWIMMERS In The Time It Takes For You To Say Goodbye (indie)
CONTINENTAL LOVERS – Wedding Song (indie)
SAM SCHERDEL Balloon (indie)
COLD IRONS BOUND I Wasn’t Thinking At All (Golden Robot Records)
BLACK ORCHID EMPIRE Deny The Sun (Season Of Mist)
ANCHOR LANE Choke (indie)
THE NIGHTMARES Heartless (Venn Records)
STONED JESUS Get What You Deserve (Season Of Mist)
RILEY’S LA GUNS Rewind (Golden Robot Records)
BLOODBOUND The Raven’s Cry (AFM Records)


PYRAMAZE Broken Arrow (AFM Records)
DELAIN Queen Of Shadow (Napalm Records)
UNTAMED Out Of Control (Hicktown Records)
STARBENDERS The Game (Sumerian Records)
SHIPWRECKER Pretty Face (indie)
SUMMIT OF THE BIG LOW Dust (Friendly Tribe)
DRUID FLUIDS Into Me I See (indie)
THE LEMON CLOCKS The Rain (Fruits de Mer)
US AND THEM Corn Rigs (Fruits de Mer)
RAZORBATS Maybe It’s Time To Break Up The Band (Voices Of Wonder/VME)
BLACK WHISKEY Eat You Alive (Curtain Call Records)
AVALANCHE Sweet Baby Brown Eyes (indie)
WIG WAM Out Of The Dark (Frontiers)


KOBURG Beauty In The Fight (indie)
RIIVER BRUKES Little Black Book (indie)
MERCY KELLY Fever (indie)
DESERT STORM Cheyne Stoking (APF Records)
MONROE Tides (Imagen Records)
REDLIGHT KING Evil Lies (AFM Records)
LANSDOWNE Filthy (AFM Records)
KLONE Apnea (Kscope)
SCHIZO FUN ADDICT Fate Chaser (Fruits de Mer Records)
SIENA ROOT Leaving The City (Atomic Fire Records)
MARY MOUNTFIELD This One’s For You (indie)
FANCHON Preliminary (indie)
MOTIVE BLACK Caged (AFM Records)
POWERWOLF Poison (Napalm Records)


FEENSTRA & SIMPSON Your Eyes Gave You Away (indie)
PROGedia We Are The Night (indie)
THE LILAC HOUR Call Me (Bread And Butter Records)
SLEEP IN MOTION Awake (indie)
STANDING CREW Burn In Hell (Like Me) (Sodoh Records)
THE ANSWER Livin’ On The Line (Golden Robot Records)
DIRTY LACES All I See (Golden Robot Records)
RONNIE ROMERO No More Tears (Frontiers)
THEM GUNS (Golden Robot Records)
THE BLOODSHOTS Go To Hell (indie)
SEEKING AKIRA Metaphors (FixT)
MIKE ROSS The Preacher (indie)
ANCHOR LANE I Don’t Have Another Soul To Pour (indie)
SUASION Celestial (Atomic Fire Records)


JOSH TAERK Sunday Session


happydaze Cool Blue (Thriller Records)
YOU ME AT SIX Mydopamine (Underdog Records/AWAL Recordings)
EMPYRE Hit And Run (KScope)
ADAM MASTERSON Take A Little Love (indie)
FLOOR JANSEN Invincible (indie)
SHANA CLEVELAND Faces In The Firelight (Hardly Art Records)
SIENA ROOT Keeper Of The Flame (Atomic Fire Records)
FURY WEEKEND Delirious (FixT)
WREX Recovery (Favour The Brave Records)
SLOW CINEMA Sizzler (Bread And Butter Records)
POP EVIL Dead Reckoning (MNRK Heavy)
THE SURVIVAL CODE The Heart Will Bleed (Good Deeds Music)
THE ANSWER Want You To Love Me (Golden Robot Records)
APE SHIFTER Promises Of A Progressive Future (Brainstorm Records)


MOTIVE BLACK Purge (AFM Records)
PALACE OF THE KING I’m Sorry Blues (indie)
FLIGHT Don’t Ask (indie)
THE ANIX Frozen Waves (FiXT)
NARROW HEAD Gearhead (indie)
LETTERS SENT HOME Phoenix (indie)
LITTLE LORE Normal (indie)
VOID CHAPTER Drones (indie)
THOUSAND YEARS WIDE Yesterday (indie)
BROKEN SIDE Cartographer (indie)
MAMMOTH MAMMOTH Love Gun (Golden Robot Records)
VAI/GASH Let’s Jam (Favored Nations/Mascot)
JUPITER ZEUS Falling Down (indie)
LANSDOWNE Falling Down (AFM Records)


GENGHIS NASH Running Out Of Time (Golden Robot Records)
ARMOR FOR SLEEP New Rainbows (Rude Records/Equal Vision Records)
DESOTO JONES Get Well (Revolver Records)
ATTIC THEORY Narrow Lines (Arising Empire)
THEM GUNS Dark Side (Golden Robot Records)
EMPYRE Relentless (KScope)
JORDAN RED Awake (indie)
THE LA MAYBE Down To Fight (indie)
THE NEW DEATH CULT Superglue (indie)
EXPLORING BIRDSONG Ever The Optimist (Long Branch Records)
FIGHTING COLOURS Wishing Well (indie)
DJERV Enemy (indie)
THE ANSWER Want You To Love Me (Golden Robot)
LEE SMALL The Unknown (Metalville)

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