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Walter Trout

Walter Trout

Walter Trout features in our blues rock sequences.

Championed for many years by Pete Feenstra, who promoted some of his earliest UK gigs, Walter Trout has come through health hell and high water in recent years.

After relocating in the 1970s to Los Angeles, he joined Canned Heat in 1981 and then John Mayall’s Bluebreakers until 1989.  From the 1990s Walter has fronted his own band – for a time  known as  ‘Walter Trout and The Free Radicals’  then ‘Walter Trout and The Radicals’.  He’s also guested on many other recordings.

Supported by fan donations his wife raised the money needed for a liver transplant in 2013 and by 2015 he had resumed touring.  This period of his life is reflected on the album ‘Battle Scars’.

Broadcast history

“The Pete Feenstra Feature”
Show 1 – First broadcast 8 November 2015
Show 2 – First broadcast 10 July 2016
Show 3 – First broadcast 23 April 2017
Show 4 – First broadcast 22 October 2017


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