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New to GRTR!

New to GRTR!

An hour of new music and latest playlist additions...

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A round-up of latest playlist additions, new and forthcoming single and album releases with an emphasis on independent artists and labels.

Latest playlists


MASSIVE WAGONS In It Together (Earache)
THE CROOKED 45 Future Scholars (indie)
PHOXJAW Half House (indie)
THE WILD! King Of The Town (eOne)
SKY VALLEY MISTRESS Lost In Shock (indie)
DEEPSHADE Soul Divider (indie)
EBONIVORY Explosions After Dark (indie)
JULIA MARCELL Nostalgic (Long Branch Records)
LOUISE LEMON Devil (Icons Creating Evil Art )
BLACK ORCHID EMPIRE Winter Keeps Us Warm (indie)
ONE DESIRE Shadowman (Frontiers)
CRYSTAL IGNITE Black Mamba (indie)
AWOLNATION The Best (Better Noise Music)
LEFTOVER BULLETS Confused (Sold Out Music Records)
PICTURESQUE ATTN: (Rude Records/Equal Vision Records)


REACH – Higher Ground (indie)
SKARLETT RIOT Human (indie)
STEEL CITY Hearts On Fire (Perris Records)
ROBBY KREIGER Slide Home (The Players Club/Mascot)
AMY BIRKS I Wish (indie)
MICHAEL ARMSTRONG Allentown (indie)
THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Turn Me On (Chien Lunatique Records)
AJNA Reneteg (Inverse Records)
DIRTY LACES You (indie)
MISSING PERSONS Incense And Peppermints (Cleopatra Records)
SILVERNITE Cry For Love (Valve Studio Records)
THE LOVETONES About The Girl (Cleopatra Records)


RAGDOLL Follow The Leader (indie)
REDNIGHT Rising Sun (indie)
PEPPERHEAD Watch You Fall (indie)
VICTORIA K Surreal (Rockshot Records)
THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE Run (Metropolis Records)
BEFORE SUNDAY Goddess (Rockshots Records)
TALK SHOW Stress (Council Records)
DANI WILDE Howling At The Moon (indie)
LITTLE ALBERT Bridge Of Sighs (Aural Music)
THE FINAL CLAUSE OF TACITUS Between The Lines (indie)
BONFIRE Rock N Roll Survivors (AFM Records)
THUNDERSTICK Earth Mother (indie)
FOXTON KINGS Getting Old (indie)


THE SLEEP EAZYS Bond (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service) (Mascot)
EMPYRE You Know My Name (indie)
THE SONIC DAWN Children Of The Night (indie)
NOBLE JACKS Stay Awake (indie)
OLLIE TREVERS I Know You Know (indie)
EVERYDAY HEROES Standing Stones (indie)
VORSTELLAN Home (indie)
KOBURG The Eagle Has Landed (indie)
THE SLOW DAY Home (indie)
WE’RE ALL ALIENS Rosa Lee (indie)
CARRY THE CROWN Horizons (indie)
ELDER Embers (indie)
ONE DESIRE After You’re Gone (Frontiers)
MATINEE Summer Sun (Neon Tetra Records)


UNPROCESSED Abandoned (Long Branch Records)
PRSNA Lions (indie)
METAL CHURCH Dead On The Vine (Reaper Entertainment)
TWO WEEKS TO NASHVILLE Take Control (indie)
KOJ Thunder (Long Branch Records)
LIGHT Time And Space (indie)
HARTMANN Glow (Pride And Joy Music)
BURNING WITCHES Black Magic (Nuclear Blast)
AS SIRENS FALL Holy Water (indie)
SCARLET AURA Stormbreaker (Silver City Records)
LUCIFER – Ghosts (Century Media)
GONE SAVAGE Love Caught Me Out (indie)
GENTLEMEN’S ACADEMY What The Rain’s For (indie)


PUTA VOLCANO Black Box (indie)
BILLY TALENT Reckless Paradise (indie)
GILBY CLARKE Rock N Roll Is Getting Louder (Golden Robot Records)
ALLEN/OLZON Never Die (Frontiers)
DEVICIOUS Firefly (Metalapolis)
BENEATH MY SINS Temptation (Pride & Joy Music)
RAINIUM In The Dead Of Winter (indie)
THE DARKER MY HORIZON Monkey See, Monkey Do (indie)
THE FINAL CLAUSE OF TACITUS Between The Lines (indie)
INTECHNICOLOUR Big Sleeper (indie)
THE UNITY Angel Of Dawn (SPV)
VANISH We Become What We Are (Fastball Music)
SOLENCE Animal In Me (indie)
JULIA MARCELL The Odds (indie)


FRAMING HANLEY Puzzle Pieces (Thermal Entertainment LLC)
NEWMAN Ignition (AOR Heaven)
DECARLO Rock N’ Soul (Frontiers)
JIMMY CARPENTER One Mint Julep (Gulf Coast)
JOHN BLUES BOYD What My Eyes Have Seen (Gulf Coast Records)
FELIX RABIN Gone (indie)
SUPERSUCKERS You Ain’t The Boss Of Me (SPV)
BLACKELVIS Masquerade (indie)
SILVERTHORNE Tear The Sky Wide Open (Golden Robot Records)
KARNEY Trust (indie)
SIDEWALK SOCIETY A Saying For Today (Fruits de Mer Records)
LEVELLERS Food Roof Family (indie)
STONEWIRE Life As We Know It (indie)


DANIEL STEER Monster (indie)
CRIMSON STAR Living A Lie (indie)
FALSE HEARTS Remedy (indie)
AMONGST LIARS Over And Over (indie)
FLASHFIRES Circus Boy (indie)
MATT SPRINGFIELD Things I’ve Said (indie)
PHIL SAATCHI Time (indie)
STEVE HARLEY How Can I Tell You (indie)
MARTY AND THE BAD PUNCH Raging Fire (Enghardt Media/ Edel)
HARRY CHAPIN W.O.L.D. (Store For Music)
DYNAZTY Presence Of Mind (AFM Records)
NIGHTBLADE Only You (indie)
BROCARDE Love Me ‘Til I’m Beautiful (indie)
JUPITER IN VELVET A Cooler Shade Of Mad (indie)
NORQUAY In Time (indie)


THUNDERSTICK Go Sleep With The Enemy (Roulette Records)
BUFFALO SUMMER Everybody’s Out For No.1 (Silver Lining Music)
EMPYRE My Bad (indie)
ANCHOR LANE Dead Run (R7 Records)
GORILLA RIOTMind Your Head (Off Yer Rocka)
THE DEADNOTES Hopeless Romantic (22 Lives Records)
AMBERLY CHALBERG One Last Time (indie)
WKW Troubled Man (indie)
EMPTY FRIEND Neon (indie)
A LIFE DIVIDED Anybody Out There (AFM Records)
STATE OF MILLENIA Sorry At The Start (indie)
MOLLY KARLOFF She Said (indie)


ANVIL Gasoline (AFM Records)
HAUNT Mind Freeze (Shadow Kingdom Records)
GUTTERFLOWER All I Want Is You (indie)
RAGE Tomorrow (SPV)
PASSION What Do We Want (Frontiers)
TINSLEY ELLIS Evil Till Sunrise (Alligator)
THE RAGGED SAINTS Always Forever (AOR Heaven)
AUTUMN’S CHILD You’re Breaking My Heart Again (AOR Heaven)
DIRTY SHIRLEY I Disappear (Frontiers)
STONE THIEVES Medicine Man (3MS Music)
DEWOLFF Nothing’s Changing (Mascot)
HEAVY PETTIN Devil In Her Eyes (Burnt Out Wreckords)
WAITING FOR MONDAY Until The Dawn (Frontiers)


H.E.A.T Rise (Frontiers)
EASY ACTION Teachers Do It With Class (AOR Heaven)
A NEW TOMORROW Ignition (Frontiers)
EXPLORING BIRDSONG The Sinking Question (Long Branch Records)
KIWI JR. Football Money (Persona Non Grata)
GARY FLETCHER Something’s Got To Change (indie)
JESSE DAMON Here Comes Trouble (AOR Heaven)
SHAFT OF STEEL Vulnerable Man (AOR Heaven)
GARY MOORE The Mojo Boogie (Mascot)
STORM FORCE Ride Like Hell (Escape Music)
MICHAEL THOMPSON BAND Secret Information (Frontiers)
KOBURG We Could Be Angels (indie)
SECRET RULE Digital Revolution (Pride & Joy Music)



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