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Todd Rundgren


Todd Rundgren features in our classic rock and progressive sequences.

On Sunday 28 May 2017 (22:00 GMT) he chats to David Randall about his new album ‘White Knight’

Todd Rundgren’s career started in the late-sixties with the band Nazz. 1972’s ‘Something/Anything?’ established Rundgren as multi-instrumentalist, writer and producer. He then released the more progressive ‘A Wizard, A True Star’ in 1973 with a backing band that formed the basis of Utopia, the prog-rock-jazz-fusion outfit with whom he recorded several albums in the late seventies and early eighties.

Rundgren has also had a parallel career as a producer for bands like Badfinger, Hall & Oates, Meat Loaf, The Tubes and most recently New York Dolls. He has pioneered music video technologies and utilised the internet since the late 1990s to make available unreleased material via his Patronet subscription service.

In recent years he has been involved with a reunion of The (New) Cars and in 2004 – and again in 2008 – toured the UK, latterly promoting his current album ‘Arena’.

‘A Wizard A True Star’ is perhaps the perfect description of Rundgren and he performed this album in its entirety at his London concert in February 2010.

Broadcast history

(Todd Rundgren – The Songwriters)

Sunday 24 January, 21:00  repeat
Sunday 10 January 2010
January 2010, Featured Artist

(Todd Rundgren playlist):
Afterlife (from Liars, 2004)
Afraid (from Arena, 2008)
Tic Tic Tic, It Wears Off Sometimes I Don’t Know What To Feel
Just One Victory (All tracks from A Wizard, A True Star, 1973)


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